Maintenance & After Care

Maintenance & After Care

Correct maintenance SAVES MONEY

Maintaining your hardwood timber sports floor will continue to enhance the image of your facility.  Both the visitors and participants will treat your facility with the care and respect you desire.

Adherence to proper maintenance procedures will aid the overall longevity of your new sports floor.  Correct maintenance schedules are supplied to your facility management upon completion of your new installation. These schedules advise on the daily and annual maintenance procedures.


Enhance Floor Care & Cleaning

ASF has introduced a range of after care products to assist in caring for your finished courts & floors. Daily procedures that will save you time and money, whilst help in improving the look of your facility. This range consists of an Enhance Floor Bar, Enhance Floor Cleaner and Enhance Floor Towels.


Floor Cleaning Procedures

Daily Procedures 

The procedure described below is intended to help rid the sports floor of the build-up of films left from shoes and other materials that come into contact with the floor. The directions described below will help restore lustre to the floor finish and surface.


n Mix a solution of 1:30 Enhance Floor Cleaner with fresh lukewarm water in a 20-litre bucket.

n Immerse an Enhance Floor Towel into the Enhance water solution until it is completely wet. Wring the towel to a damp state, voiding it of excessive water.

n Lay the damp Enhance towel on the floor, place an Enhance Floor Bar on the towel and fold the top of the towel over the top of the floor bar and connect it via the eyelets and Velcro. Connect the rope handle to each end.

n Place the rope handle in front of you and walk the length of the floor, turning around at each end making sure that a 150mm overlap is maintained, reposition the towel (if necessary) and walk the floor back to the other end.

n The towel is large enough that there are numerous positions where the cleaning bar can be moved to, to allow for multiple uses before having to be machine washed clean.

n If the towel has been used completely, change with new towel and repeat the above procedure until the entire floor has been cleaned.

n To remove black shoe heel and sole marks, rub the mark with a rag that has been dampened with white spirits.

n Gum may be removed by using a plastic scraper and a suitable Gum Remover, after the gum has been removed clean the effect area with a damp towel with Enhance Floor Cleaning solution


Frequency of cleaning your Sports Floor

Normal usage is defined by the number of hours your floor has activity on it. ASF Horner would consider normal usage would be 8 hours per day. One clean per day would be sufficient.

For day/night facilities it is recommended that your floor be cleaned prior to the evening activities commencing.



Upgrading to Perpetual Warranty

As part of ASF’s ongoing product development we are now able to offer our existing and new customers a Perpetual Warranty on existing and new floor installations. This essentially is a warranty that doesn’t have a maturity date which will remain in effect whilst the terms of the warrant are met.


We are introducing a new daily cleaning regime which will remove the dust and grit from your stadium floor. Enhance floor cleaner and the two-metre cleaning bar will make cleaning your floor a breeze. Removing the debris from the floors surface more regularly will improve the aesthetics and assist in restoring the grip levels back to your timber surface.


The change in the usage of our facilities is a determining factor in why ASF is introducing the new cleaning regimes. Sports floors are subject to constant traffic, heavy impacts, grit and atmospheric dust that can all affect the calibre of your floors performance. To help assist the facility and maintenance staff in preventing and minimising this effect, this new level of after care to the floor is being launched. 



Annual/Long-term Maintenance Procedures 


5 Year Maintenance Schedule is priced at the time of installation. Each year you choose your maintenance period. ASF will automatically carry out the program



3 Year Maintenance Schedule is priced at the time of installation. Each year you choose your maintenance period. ASF will automatically carry out the program



You are contacted on an annual basis


For further information or enquiries, you may use the Enquiry form, alternatively please contact us.

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