Stump Thrust 2

The system incorporates the same components as the Stump Thrust 1 System.  However the specially designed bracket and cushion pads are fixed on top of the bearer and directly below the joist, then an exterior grade plywood layer is added over the joist in this system, giving the system added strength, stability and enhanced resiliency.


These are to be installed in position as per engineer’s drawings including concrete footing with a general 100 x 100 concrete stump with tie down rod to local authority’s regulations.


The timber bearers and joists are to be capable of the spans as shown on the engineers design. Joining of the timbers is to be in accordance with the engineers drawing and the relevant Australian Standards.

PR ST2 Stump Cushion Pads & bracket

ASF's advanced PR ST2 Stump cushioned pad & bracket are specially manufactured to ASF's requirements and fitted on top of bearers.


12mm exterior grade plywood with A bond glue lines (treated with a termite deterrent additive) manufactured to ASF's requirements.


Ex 75 x 25mm (nominal) thick T&G Flooring machined to ASF's requirements.


Most local authorities require a minimum 400mm (TBD) clearance between ground levels to underside of bearer. Bearer and joist size and spacing to be in accordance with engineers details


Manufactured to ASF standards. Complies and or exceeds Australian, New Zealand and MFMA standards.

FIBA approved (Oceania Region) for level 2 & 3 competitions. 


Multi-purpose sports stadiums, school halls, Badminton, Roller Sports, Dance Sports, Netball and Basketball.


The ST Floor systems are also available in fully sustainable materials to suit the most discerning of specifies and clients

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